Caught speeding on the motorway – how many fines should I expect?

motorway speeding advice

When you’re travelling on the motorway, speed cameras can often be frequently spotted. Whether these are positioned on overhead gantries on smart motorways, or placed along a length of road works, sometimes we may pass tens of speed cameras in any one journey.

Some of these cameras are standalone, and are recording speed at a given point, while others are designed to track a vehicle’s average speed between two different cameras.

So if you are motorway speeding over a prolonged period of time, and pass many different cameras, does that mean that you’ll receive a fine for every camera that captures you, or will it be aggregated into just one fine?

It depends on how the speed trap has been set:

Speeding fine scenario 1

You’re travelling along a motorway and the overhead cameras have reduced the speed to 50 MPH over several miles. Each overhead gantry has the same stipulation in terms of speed.

If you’re caught speeding through the whole section then it is unlikely that you would be fined from the reading of each camera. The likelihood is that it would be one fine that takes into account that the limit has been exceeded on one particular stretch of road.

Speeding fine scenario 2

You pass through a 50 MPH restricted zone on the motorway and are exceeding the speed limit. This zone ends and then shortly afterwards you pass through a 60 MPH zone on the same motorway. You’re still exceeding the limit.

This is different as you have got two different restrictions in two different areas (albeit in the same strength of road) and you’ve been caught exceeding both. You should expect that you may receive a fine for both of these as they are likely to be treated as two separate incidents.

Don’t assume that lightening won’t strike twice

With this in mind, if you think you’ve exceeded the limit and you are continuing to travel through a continuous strength of traffic calming, the risk of just one fine isn’t a reason to continue to speeding. Ultimately, the speed limits are in force to keep motorists and highway maintenance teams safe, so realising you’re going too fast should be the wakeup call you need to slow down a bit. Receiving one fine or multiple fines shouldn’t really be the deterrent, driving safely should always be the priority.

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