Another success for Charlotte de Rosnay

Charlotte de Rosnay

Charlotte de Rosnay recently had another success at Oxford Magistrates Court with an exceptional hardship hearing.

Her client had totted up to 12 points on his licence and was facing possible disqualification. However, after gathering documentation and presenting the evidence to the Court, the Magistrates found that her client did indeed have a case for exceptional hardship. He was the main carer for an elderly parent who needed to be taken to regular doctors and hospital appointments, as well as be on standby in case of an emergency.  The Court found he did not have anyone else who could assist and was therefore allowed to continue driving.

The client still has 12 points on his licence but was not disqualified as a result.  As you can imagine, he was very happy with the outcome.

Whilst there is no single definition of exceptional hardship some of the factors that might be considered are listed below:

  • Dependency of other family members on your licence
  • How do your children get to school?
  • Are you the main earner in your household and could you survive on just your spouse’s income?
  • Do you drive for work and do you have employees who depend on you
  • General health and need to attend health related appointments
  • Is there public transport available where you live?
  • General finances, loans, mortgages, possibility of finding alternative employment if you lose your job etc.

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