New Motoring Laws for 2018


New Motoring Laws for 2018

We recently posted about learner drivers being allowed to drive on motorways during their lessons. But what other motoring rules and regulations are coming into force in 2018?


New Mot Rules

In a recent article we explained the new rules governing the MOT test coming into force this May. You can read more here. The new test will include new fault categories, as well as different updated tests to your car. Diesel cars have come under the spotlight under the new rules with stringent emission testing, which has led some to question the potential future of diesel cars.


Car Diesel Tax

In April this year new car tax changes came into force, focusing on reducing air pollution targeted solely at diesel cars. Essentially, from April if cars do not meet the emission standards  set by the rules they face inflated tax. It isn’t going to affect cars currently on the road but will be applied to those buying new cars. You can read in detail the potential financial costs to drivers here


Driverless cars

Technology is moving quickly in relation to driverless cars. These changes have to be met with new rules and regulations for drivers. Recently a man was banned from driving after being found driving his Tesla along the M1.

New regulations have been put into place to target drivers who may be misusing technology the technology of modern cars.

The Highway Code will also tighten in light of the changes which will state it is still not safe to remove both hands from the steering wheel when driving with systems such as lane control engaged.

The new regulations will target drivers who let go of their steering wheel while the car is in motion and these drivers could face penalties of up to £1,000 or prison.

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