New laws for flying drones


Drones – you’ve no doubt heard of them and you may have even flown one. Evolving drone technology makes it a big business with better, faster, clever models being released into the market all the time.


So what’s the problem?

As the technology becomes more available there has been an increase year on year in the report of incidents involving drones  It is hoped the new laws will reduce the number of drone accidents.

So what are the laws?
  • Height Limits

There will be a restriction on all drones from flying about 400 feet and within a kilometer of airport boundaries. Flouting these rules could result in a charge of “recklessly or negligently acting in a manner likely to endanger an aircraft or any person in an aircraft” and could face an unlimited fine and or a prison sentence.

  • Weight limits

From November 30th next year anyone who owns a drone weighing in excess of 250g will have to register it with the Civil Aviation    Authority. The owner will also be required to take an online safety test.

  • Requirement to keep your drone in your line of sight at all times and to avoid designated no fly zone

This really great fact sheet by sets out the current laws and changes drone owners will face.

As mentioned, breaking these rules can result in criminal convictions and punishments of unlimited fines and prison sentences! It is therefore best to be well informed of the rules.

According to the use of drones is increasing rapidly in the UK so no doubt more laws will be rolled out in the coming years to address the safety issues that come with flying drones.

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Safe driving (flying) folks!