Is a Motoring Conviction A Criminal Conviction?

I was recently asked this question – do my motoring convictions count as criminal convictions?

The short answer is yes. If you are convicted of a motoring offence in Court you will have a criminal conviction. This applies to all motoring offences.

If you are given a fixed penalty notice (FPN) for a minor road traffic offence then that would NOT be recorded as a criminal conviction UNLESS you are given an FPN for a road traffic offence in Schedule 2 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988, and your licence is endorsed. You will then be treated as having been convicted by a Court and also be subject to a rehabilitation period


Our clients often worry about current or future employment, and whether a motoring conviction would be revealed during a criminal record check. This depends on the type of offence with which you are convicted – recordable or non recordable.


A recordable offence is one where the police are required to keep a record on the police national computer system (PNC). These offences are revealed by a criminal record check. A motoring offence which would be included on such a check would be a conviction for drink driving.


A non recordable offence example is driving with no insurance. However, if convicted of a recordable offence alongside a non recordable, the non recordable offence will show on the police national computer.

Many convictions become spent after a period of time – meaning the full rehabilitation period has been reached and it no longer needs to be declared. A motoring offence is usually spent after 5 years (unless sentenced to a period in prison). If you receive a disqualification alongside the endorsement, the rehabilitation period will be still be 5 years or the length of disqualification if longer.

So in short, yes a motoring conviction can be a criminal conviction, it can be recorded on the police national computer and therefore can show up in a criminal record check.

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