Driving During Lockdown


What are the Driving Rules during Lockdown?

The lockdown has had an obvious impact on the number of vehicles on the road. Motorways have been virtually empty, apart from lorries and delivery drivers. The Guardian, back in April, reported UK road travel had fallen to 1955 levels. Only essential travel has been permitted.

half empty motorway

But the rules were relaxed slightly last week when the Prime Minister addressed the nation, so what does that mean for drivers now?

We are still only permitted to drive our cars for essential travel – such as to work, the pharmacy, medical emergencies and supermarkets for basic necessities. But we have been told we can return to work if we absolutely cannot work from home.

We are also allowed to drive out for daily exercise. There is no limit on how far we can drive but the advice is to be sensible and avoid busy areas. But driving to a second home or to visit someone over night is still not permitted.

We have been advised to avoid public transport where possible, to maintain social distancing. Car sharing with someone outside of your home is not permitted though. All of this means we have started to see more cars on the road.

Many petrol stations remain open and have done throughout the lockdown, with most implementing social distancing. Many garages remain open too, offering emergency repair services where they can. But the AA have advised that anyone who breaks down may face longer recovery times. MOT testing has been extended by 6 months for cars whose MOTs expired on or after the 30th March 2020.

So, what does this mean for drivers? The message remains – stay at home and only drive for essential travel. Police officers do have the power to stop and ask where you are going, and they can issue fines if they do not believe the driver is following the rules.

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