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Driving During Lockdown

What are the Driving Rules during Lockdown? The lockdown has had an obvious impact on the number of vehicles on the road. Motorways have been virtually empty, apart from lorries and delivery drivers. The Guardian, back in April, reported UK road travel had fallen to 1955 levels. Only essential travel has been permitted. But the […]

Coronavirus Advice for Drivers

Since the Coronavirus lockdown the roads have been quieter. With only essential travel being allowed, we are seeing far fewer cars on the road. But that does not mean the rules of the road no longer apply. The police have said it is business as usual. If you are due to attend court for a […]

Licence Saved in a Speeding Matter

Charlotte recently represented a client at Oxford for a speeding matter. He was not eligible for a speed awareness course and therefore faced a discretionary disqualification. Charlotte presented to the court reasons he should be allowed to continue driving and the court imposed penalty points instead. This was a great result, and after returning home […]

New Driving Laws for 2020

What does 2020 have in store for driving laws? 2019 saw new laws come into force in relation to MOTs and fines for people caught driving in a smart motorway lane marked X. LOW EMISSION RULES Last year, in London, new low emission rules came into force, replacing the previous scheme. Other cities across the […]

Great result for a Drink Driving matter at Leamington Spa

Another great result for one of our clients at Leamington Spa Magistrates Court yesterday. Charlotte de Rosnay represented a man who had been caught driving whilst over the legal alcohol limit. This is a matter which is taken very seriously. The level of alcohol in his breath was very high and he faced a custodial […]

Is a Motoring Conviction A Criminal Conviction?

I was recently asked this question – do my motoring convictions count as criminal convictions? The short answer is yes. If you are convicted of a motoring offence in Court you will have a criminal conviction. This applies to all motoring offences. If you are given a fixed penalty notice (FPN) for a minor road […]

Graduated Licence Scheme Considered by Government

A graduated licencing scheme, placing restrictions on new drivers is being considered by the Department of Transport, as reported by The Times earlier this year. This isn’t a new idea, but has been avoided in order not to place undue restrictions on young people’s lives. Under current schemes, new drivers in the UK are already […]

Brexit – what you need to know about driving in Europe

Brexit – there is no doubt about it, it’s been a hugely complicated and divisive issue within the UK (and abroad). Despite this, no matter how you voted and what happens, the effect of Brexit will be wide. And if you travel in Europe there will be some new rules governing how you drive within […]

Motoring rules 2019

Are you up to speed on the new motoring rules that could affect your driving in 2019? Driving laws are always changing and adapting and 2019 will be no different. Here is a list of some rules to be aware of in the coming year. Passing Cyclists More and more people are using bicycles as […]