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Out with the old, in with the new – driving test brought up to date

As we enter 2018, we begin a new era for the driving test, for all those hoping to qualify for a driving licence in England, Scotland and Wales. Changes have been brought into effect to ensure that the criteria that new drivers are tested against is reflective of the modern driving experience. Initially these changes […]

Mobile phone usage – what is really allowed?  

  Following on from our previous blog post on the new mobile phone usage fines, we take a look at the topic of using a mobile phone behind the wheel which can be a bit of a confusing area. Whereas most people now know that using a handheld mobile phone while driving a car is […]

New fines imposed for using mobile phone at the wheel

It is illegal to use your mobile phone while driving a car – and this has been widely publicised. This doesn’t just apply to when the vehicle is moving, but also applies to when the car is stationary at traffic lights or waiting in a queue of traffic. The law is very clear, mobile phone […]

The party season and driving the morning after a big night out

A lot of people can probably relate to the feeling of drinking rather too much alcohol of an evening and then regretting it the morning after. Waking up nursing a poorly head or feeling queasy isn’t pleasant, but depending on how much you have consumed and how long your body has had to break down […]

Make sure your licence is up to date – or it could be a costly mistake

Most motorists aren’t aware that driving licences have an expiry date on them, which means an estimated 2.2 million drivers are actually in possession of an out of date licence. For people with a photocard driving licence (which is most people nowadays), you’ll notice that each of the different lines of information is labelled with a […]

The history of breathalysers

Here in the UK, we are under no illusions about drink driving – it is illegal and can land you with a hefty fine, driving ban and/or prison sentence. This is not new legislation, in fact the UK introduced its first laws to tackle drink driving in 1925, where it was declared that it was […]

If another car sets off the camera, can this affect me?

A common question we often hear asked is whether or not speed camera can make mistakes when recording speeding cars. Many motorists might wonder whether if they are travelling past a speed camera and another car sets it off by travelling too fast, is there a chance that they will be landed with a speeding […]