Dangerous Driving Defence

Dangerous driving is a serious offence which can result in severe penalties.  If convicted you’ll face a mandatory 12-month disqualification, a fine of up to £5000 and the possibility of a retest before you can drive again.  If the offence is considered to be serious enough then you might have to attend a crown court and then you could face a penalty of up to two years’ imprisonment.

Dangerous driving is defined as a standard of driving falling far below average careful driving standards. Examples of dangerous driving might include: road racing, knowingly driving a dangerous vehicle, driving at a dangerous speed etc.  It’s the most serious motoring offence that doesn’t involve a fatality.

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I’m Pete Gotch, a former traffic police officer and specialist motoring defence lawyer.  I’m unlike most solicitors, I’ve worked on the inside and I know how the system works. With me you’ll get a jargon free appraisal and someone who will get straight to the point.

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Often the initial assessment by the police of dangerous driving is too enthusiastic and by carefully presenting the evidence to the CPS a reduced charge of careless driving can be negotiated which may prevent costly court fees and a severe penalty.

Of course, if you believe you been charged unfairly then we can also help you to build a defence. If you think that the alleged incident just didn’t happen or that you had no way of knowing that a dangerous vehicle was in such a poor condition then you have a good chance of winning in court.  We’d always recommend in a dangerous driving case that you base your decision on how to proceed on the evidence stacked against you though, given the potential severity of the penalties.  Getting this disclosure and objectively assessing it something we can help you with.


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