Facing a Ban For Drink Driving?

The first thing to realise is that drink driving is one of the more serious driving offences and a successful conviction will always result in a driving ban for at least 12 months in England or Wales.  With this in mind we’d always recommend you seek legal advice as soon as possible as you may have a drink driving defence. We here at Motoring Defence are available 24/7 to provide instant advice about what to do next if you’ve been caught driving over the limit.

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I’m Pete Gotch, a former traffic police officer and specialist motoring defence lawyer.  I’m unlike most solicitors, I’ve worked on the inside and I know how the system works. With me you’ll get a jargon free appraisal and someone who will get straight to the point.

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A successful prosecution for drink driving relies on the police following a strict procedure for testing the amount of alcohol in your body.  If this isn’t followed to the letter then it’s quite possible to build a successful defence and save your licence so the sooner you get in contact the better before any of the details have slipped your mind.

If you believe that there are mitigating circumstance for drink driving then let us know as soon as possible.  There’s no single factor here but not having knowledge of the amount of alcohol in your system because your drinks had been laced for example would be enough for us to apply to the court for them to consider not imposing the mandatory ban.

There are also other alcohol related charges that will result in a mandatory ban such as failure to provide a specimen.  Being drunk in charge of a vehicle is a common charge where the police have not seen you driving. There is a statutory defence available to you if you can prove that there was ‘no likelihood’ of you driving. There is no mandatory ban for this offence and if you decide to plead guilty careful mitigation can often result in a fine and points rather than a driving ban.

In both cases it may be possible to defend against a conviction if the correct procedures haven’t been followed at the time of the incident.

Drug driving charges are similar in some ways but subtly different in others. The police test actually tests for the substances that drugs break down into in the body. This means that unlike alcohol there is no correlation between the drug test result and impairment.  You may have taken drugs on Friday and been unsafe to drive but on Sunday you are not impaired but are over the limit. This will not often amount to a defence but is strong mitigation.

In any of these cases it’s vital that you talk to us at early as possible so we can advise you and hopefully save your licence.


If you’ve been charged with drinking and driving then we’re available 24/7 at Motoring Defence to advise you on the next steps and how best to fight your case.  Just call us on 0800 612 4859.