New Driver Offences

Since the mid-90s, the law has become much tougher for new drivers in a bid to reduce the disproportional number of accidents caused by youngsters.  This means that new drivers face a 2 year probationary period from the day they pass their driving test.  During this time if they tot up 6 or more penalty points then their licence is revoked. Unlike disqualification, this meant the licence has been permanently removed until the offender has taken a full test again.

The only way to avoid your licence being revoked is to stop the court from imposing penalty points.  Once you’ve hit six there’s nothing that can be done as the revocation is totally automatic from that point and nothing to do with the court.  The same applies if you accept a fixed notice without challenging it.  If you want to avoid revocation and a retest then you need to make a case in court and we strongly recommend that you contact us if you’re thinking of going down that route.

It’s possible that we may be able to ask for a discretionary qualification, rather than penalty points, although this is far from certain and may depend on personal circumstances and how far into the probationary period you are.  There may also be “special reasons” which can be used to persuade the court that the offence doesn’t warrant penalty points.  There are no fixed guidelines here but if you think that you couldn’t reasonably have known or averted the problem then this might work to your advantage.

It’s not uncommon for young people to use this as a defence if they’ve been misled by their parents about the insurance status of a family vehicle.  The only other way, of course is to prove in court that you weren’t guilty of the offence and that will depend on the quality of the evidence presented against you

If you’re a new driver and you’ve been charged or think you might be charged with a motoring offence that could result in you hitting the 6-point threshold then we’d recommend that you give us a call on 0800 612 4859.

With years of experience in winning driving cases, we’ll be able to advise you of the best ways of avoiding revocation of your licence.


If you’ve been charged with a new driver offence then we’re available 24/7 at Motoring Defence to advise you on the next steps and how best to fight your case.  Just call us on  0800 612 4859.