You’ve been accused of speeding

I’ve been accused of speeding – what will happen?

The first thing to realise is that you’ve just been caught for the most common driving offence in the UK – speeding – and that in most cases it’s a fairly straightforward procedure that can end up with a fixed penalty fine, some points on your licence and a possible invitation to attend a speed awareness course. The penalties get worse of course, depending on the severity of the speeding.  If you were breaking the limit by a large margin you could be fined up to £2500 and possibly lose your licence (disqualification) for an extended period of time.

Pete Gotch

I’m Pete Gotch, a former traffic police officer and specialist motoring defence lawyer.  I’m unlike most solicitors, I’ve worked on the inside and I know how the system works. With me, you’ll get a jargon-free appraisal and someone who will get straight to the point, whether you’ve been caught speeding or for any other motoring offence.

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Should I speak to a solicitor?

It is always worth consulting a solicitor. We will not charge you for initial advice. You can e-mail, phone, or make a free appointment. We can then advise you if there are any potential defences. We can discuss what penalty you may receive if convicted. If you decide that you do not need a lawyer we can still give you some pointers as to what you should expect. You have nothing to lose and you may find that you have options available that you would never have considered.

Is it worth challenging a speeding offence?

There are many areas where it’s quite possible to challenge a prosecution. It’s vital, for example that the process has been followed and you’ve been contacted with a Notice of Intended Prosecution within 14 days. Failure to do this will make a successful prosecution unlikely. There are other areas where it’s also possible to build a successful defence. We can challenge the accuracy and use of speed measuring equipment. Sometimes prosecutions collapse because equipment has not been calibrated or operated correctly. Often there are procedural reasons why a case cannot proceed. These may be lack of disclosure, witness unavailability and so on. We here at Motoring Defence are experienced in providing a successful defence against speeding allegations. We leave no stone unturned in the search for a winning defence.

Don’t forget that although the majority of speeding matters result in points and a fine you may still be in danger of losing Your licence via totting. This is where you reach 12 points resulting in six months disqualification.   We can often prevent a disqualification even after 12 points have been reached by claiming ‘exceptional hardship’ which if proven can allow You to continue driving.   We have also won many cases by arguing ‘special reasons’ which can prevent any penalty points being added.


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