Traffic & Fixed Penalty Offences & Appeals

The police can issue Fixed Penalty Notices for most driving offences although more serious offences like dangerous driving will always become a matter for the court.  The penalty itself may consist of between 3-6 points on your licence and fine of up to £300.  You will also be asked to take your driving licence to a police station within 7 or 28 days to establish that the penalty points don’t tot up to 12 which would require a court appearance and potential disqualification period.

You don’t have to accept the FPN and you can either formally reject it in writing or, if you fail to reply and pay the fine within 28 days then this will also be considered as a rejection and then you’ll receive a summons from the Magistrates court.

There may be many reasons why you disagree with an FPN  and why you feel you should reject it but we would always recommend that you seek legal advice first as the process of going to court can be costly.   It’s also possible that if you are convicted you will receive a worse sentence than the original fixed penalty.

If you do decide to reject the FPN and you are subsequently found guilty in the magistrates court then that isn’t necessarily the end of the matter.  As long as you’ve haven’t pleaded guilty to the magistrates then you have an automatic right of appeal to the Crown Court where your case will be heard afresh without any consideration of previous verdicts.  You may even be able to have disqualification temporarily lifted until the case is heard.

Clearly appealing against a Fixed Penalty Notice can be a lengthy and expensive process so we’d always recommend seeking expert legal advice.  Call us to discuss the likely costs, timescales and possible outcomes based on the circumstances of your case as we’ve fought and won many FPN appeals in all the courts.


If you’ve received a fixed penalty notice then we’re available at Motoring Defence to advise you on the next steps and how best to fight your case.  We’re based in Leamington Spa but cover Courts around the country. Just fill in the contact form or call us on  0800 612 4859.